Dear tourists! This heading is to remove all the questions you have related with the fishing in the national park Braslav Lakes.

Fishing should take place in accordance with the "Rules of the fishing and fishery", that are accepted in Republic of Belarus.

Catch all fish species is prohibited from 8 April to 8 June. Exception only for recreational fishing:

Fishing with one hook on a fishing rod or spinning on a double or a tee with a maximum hook №10, equipped with artificial bait and only during daylight hours, and from the shore.


It is forbidden to (paragraph 140 of the Rules of the fishing and fishery):

Fishing from the boats in the dark;

you can not use different kinds of fishing with a total number of hooks more than 10 pieces;

you can not leave fishing gear unattended;

cache fish, crabs, shrimp,eel that included in the Red Book;

fish with zherlitsy, circles, betting, flags, without specifying their full name and address of the holder.


The ban on the fishing of certain species of fish (paragraph 138 of the Rules of the fishing and fishery):

Pike ordinary- from 1 to March 31;

burbot from 25 December to 28 February;

Crayfish from 15 October to 15 July;


Fishing action of certain types of fish:

Pike - 40 cm, tench - 22 cm, perch - 40 cm, burbot - 36 cm,ide - 25 cm, carp - 25 cm,  crayfish - 9 cm.


Permission: not more than 5 kg of fish per one fisherman.

Fishing for crayfish is not more than 30 pieces a day.

Fishing fry for bait to catch other fish( no more than 30 per fisherman per day).

It should take into account local restrictions on fishing.

On the territory of National Park you allowed to us thef boats with outboard motors and petrol engines 15 hp maximum.


You can get help information and get a permit for fishing on duty at the National parks at Braslav`s boundary: ul.Dachnaya.1, tel.num. +375 (2153) 29343

Good luck in fishing!!!!